Introduction to Graniti

GRANITI Accounting and Book Keeping focuses on the following services;

  • full of chartered accountant work

  • company formation

  • establishment of accounting system

  • accounting and bookkeeping

  • payroll management

  • coordination with tax office and social security office

  • tax returns and social security declarations

    GRANITI also utilizes an understanding of business information and financial reporting systems, accounting and assisting in investment analyst research

    Established in 1997, GRANITI is headquartered in Istanbul-Turkey to offer a broad, interrelated foreign capital company formation, tax planning, international taxation and transfer pricing, tax, investment and export incentives schemes, repatriation of profits, GAAP, IFRS applications, international financial reporting, merger & acquisition related services, insolvency, due diligence, valuations, employment, health and safety advisory, solutions for tax conflicts, fraud detection and prevention, market researches, and business consulting services to private sector and public sector.

    The breadth and depth of GRANITI's experience, local market knowledge, capabilities and the skill of our professionals and affiliates, and our overall commitment to providing quality services ensure that client needs are met in a timely and complete manner.


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